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Healthier Horses with EquiPride and Equilix

EquiPride and Equilix are "all-in-one" vitamin and mineral supplements for horses
that include strong prebiotic and enzymatic digestive aids for better horse health
and superior performance.

EquiPride comes in 5 gallon pails and 50 lb. bags as a loose top dress that can be
added to your horses' regular feed. 

Equilix comes as a 50 lb. or 125 lb. free choice lick block.

Both products work effectively to help improve hooves, hair coat, joint lubricity, feed
utilization, circulation and reduction of colic.

Sweetpro Feeds has designed these supplements to maximize nutrient uptake from
your horses' feed, and minimize the need for multiple supplements.

Here's what you can expect with EquiPride and Equilix:

• Improved digestion
• Up to 25% less forage needed
• Helps combat digestive colicing
• A shiny and healthy hair coat
• Strong, solid hooves
• Better lubricity of joints
• Strength and endurance without getting hot or high
• Improved temperament
• Hard-keepers gain weight
 • Bright clear eyes
 • Overall health improvement 


For Cattle, Goats, Sheep & Horses, Elk and Deer

for more options on cattle supplements. See our Sweetpro for cattle page.

Prices exclude tax. tax exempt forms are available where applicable.


​​Goat Block
- In-Stock 250 Lb. $102.00 EA

                 Your South Central Kansas SWEETPRO/ EQUIPRIDE Dealer.
                              For all your supplement needs just give us a call. 
                                      25 LB PAIL In-Stock

                                      50 LB BAG  In-Stock
125 LB  EQUILIX    In-Stock   $94.00
50 LB    EQUILIX    In-Stock   $54.00

                                  CATTLE AND CALF BLOCKS                                                  

​​​SweetPro 16                      
250 LB  $92.00 EA.    8 or more $89.00 EA.

FIBERMATE 18                   250 LB  $92.00 EA.    8 or more $89.00 EA.
FIBERMATE 20​   250 LB $92.00 EA.    8 or more $89.00 EA.

​​CATTLE KANDI                  225 LB  $88.00 EA.    8 or more $85.00 EA.

University trials have demonstrated that SweetPro improves feed efficiency 25% to 35% that's unparralleled among lick blocks

Healthy animals net back more profit

When animals get proper nutrients in the right form, vaccines work better to.

With SweetPro, keeping animals healthy has never been easier.
How To Control Flies

Fly Control Blocks Available with ALTOSID® IGR

SweetPro makes supplement blocks that come standard with Altosid Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), including Mineral EX and Pasture MP.

Altosid Insect Growth Regulator is NOT an insecticide. It’s a regulator. It doesn’t kill flies, it just prevents their larvae from maturing into flies. Thus, it cuts the life cycle without flies developing a tolerance to Altosid’s s-methopene.

Economic Impact of Horn Flies

Horn flies are the most pervasive and costly external parasite of cattle in North America. They cost producers an estimated $876 million a year in losses.

Horn flies reduce average daily gain and milk production and adult flies take 20-30 blood meals per day. 500 flies is estimated at 7cc blood loss per day. Economic loss is primarily due to skin irritation.

SweetPro’s non-molasses lick blocks are the premier vehicle to deliver both the medicine and nutrients – because they do not “sag” in the summer. Heat does not make them soft or sticky.

SweetPro blocks provide effective fly control for 3 ½ to 4 cents per hd/day. During horn fly season, without fly control, daily average gain may be reduced by 0.25 lbs per hd/day. But an Altosid IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) feed-thru fly control investment of $4.50 to $5.50 per cow/calf pair for a summer feeding season will yield returns from 6:1 to 10:1.

Benefits of SweetPro Blocks with IGR

• Controls flies which lay eggs in manure by preventing the larvae from hatching out of the manure.

• Provides an excellent feed supplement blend of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

• Improves digestion to maximize feed - efficiency and help maintain good animal health.

Other Benefits of Sweetpro Blocks Include –

• Improved Herd Health Improved conception rates
• Calves up right away and vigorous
• Cows clean quickly
• Weaning weights improve (60 to 80 lbs. heavier when fed year around)
• Calves are more thrifty with “growthy gain”
• Virtually all foot rot and sore eyes are eliminated
• Improved bull fertility • Overall herd health improved • Maximized economic performance • More profit Lick Blocks for Every Stage of Growth

Cattle Starter – In-Stock

250 to 450 lbs – Light calves and receiving cattle (beef and dairy calves)

Cattle Kandi – In-Stock
450 to 650 lbs – Heavier calves, receiving cattle, starting stockers on grass

SweetPro 16 –  In-Stock
650 to 1,000 lbs – First calf heifers, stockers on grass, purebred operations

FiberMate 18 – In-Stock
900 to 1,400 lbs – For average forage conditions, cows in stalks and stubble

FiberMate 20 – In-Stock
1,000 to 1,450 lbs – For low consumption and tough forage conditions

Magnum “The Stopper” –
Slows consumption in harsh forage conditions

Pasture Ranger –
Stocker cattle and brood cows on bloat prone wheat pasture and alfalfa

PowerMate – In-Stock
All natural supplement for first calf heifers, brood cows, stocker cattle

PowerMate II – In-Stock
Brood cows, stocker cows, stocker cattle

Mineral EX – Special order only
Mineral block with Extra punch from organic complexed trace minerals

Fresh Start – In-Stock $35.00 Ea. 50 Lb. Bag
A meal supplement for lactating animals, new born calves and show animals


​Sheep Block - In-Stock
125 Lb. $69.00 EA. & ​​250 LB $97.00 EA.

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